New Author Guidelines

Please read the new Authors' Guidelines before submitting any manuscript. 

Please make your submission "Blind-Review Ready". All new and revised submissions must not have authors’ information (names, affiliations, previous works and acknowledgement) anywhere in the manuscript. Otherwise, the submission will be automatically rejected. 

Please identify related papers from past articles by JEAS. To maintain the focus and scope of JEAS, authors must identify at least 1 or 2 past articles which have been published in JEAS. This helps the editorial team to determine the suitability of the manuscripts to JEAS.

In addition, please update your profile in the Online Journal Systems. JEAS is an Open Access publisher and provide all based on all efforts and service by voluntary editorial boards and reviewers.  As we all know, JEAS has experienced a significant delay in processing in the past due to the serious lack of reviewers. Thus, we request authors to update their profile by check "Reviewer" in your role and add your "Reviewing areas" and "Salutation".