Question 1: Does the journal have article processing charges (APCs)?

Answer: NO 


Question 2:Does the journal have article submission charges? 

Answer: NO


Question 3:Does the journal have a waiver policy (for developing country authors etc)? 

Answer: Yes, this journal is free of cost 

Question 4: What is the review process for papers?

Answer: A great emphasis on the quality of the articles they publish. Therefore, initially the paper is check for similarities index. After Screening the submitted articles are put through a Double blind peer review refereeing process in which:

Question 5: Does the journal have a policy of screening for plagiarism?

Answer: As per Higher Education commission (HEC) of Pakistan guidelines (click here) the required similarity index shall be less than 15% for an article to be reviewed and considered for publication. Also, similarity index from a single source shall be less than 5%.


Questions 6: Does the journal allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions? 

Answer: Yes, as in In an Open Access environment it is recommended that the authors retain the copyright, and not sign away copyright to the journal.

Question 7: Will the journal allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restrictions? 

Answer: YES, In an Open Access environment it is recommended that the authors retain the publishing rights, and not sign away publishing rights to the journal.

Question 8: What was the first calendar year in which a complete volume of the journal published?

Answer: 1982. we are uploading all the old volumes of the journal. As we have recently been online.