An Efficient Patch Antenna with Improved Bandwidth for Future Applications

  • Gulzar Ahmad, Dr. UET Peshawar
  • Muhammad Inayatullah Babar, Prof. Dr. V.C UET Taxila, Pakistan.
Keywords: Return Loss, Bandwidth, Gain, VSWR and Ku-Band, DGS.


In this article the inherent demerits of the patch antenna like low bandwidth and low efficiency have been addressed.  A wideband and efficient microstrip patch antenna of 9×18mm2 size has been proposed for satellite and other fields of communications in future. The size of the antenna is very small and will definitely require a small space in the electronic equipment. An efficient substrate material was employed in the antenna that is known as Preperm L-450. Dielectric constant of this mentioned material is 4.4 and its height or thickness is 1.64mm. Different methods were engaged to expand its bandwidth from 9.07GHz to 13.13GHz. The reflection coefficient of -45dB at the central frequency, a gain of 7dBi and total efficiency of 0.99 have been demonstrated by this proposed design of the patch antenna. This novel structured wide band and high efficient antenna can be engaged in various types of wireless applications in near future.

Author Biographies

Gulzar Ahmad, Dr., UET Peshawar

Assistant Professor

Muhammad Inayatullah Babar, Prof. Dr., V.C UET Taxila, Pakistan.

V.C, UET Taxila, Pakistan.


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